I was feeling fine and thought nothing of getting screened. My friend of 20 years went in for screening with USAScreen.com. She told me she had a wonderful experience and the cost was very reasonable. I scheduled my appointment and went in for screening a few days later. After getting screened, the woman told me that she saw an abnormality in the right side of my neck. She suggested that I see my regular doctor immediately for further evaluation, and even gave me a detailed report and pictures of their findings. My doctor found a blockage of about 50% in my neck. How could this be? I felt absolutely fine!
I owe my life to USAScreen.com. There preventative screens found something that I would have never detected otherwise. I can never repay them for finding this blockage and saving my life!!

Dan, 48. New York

My husband has always been the type of man to put off his health. He lives by the rule “if it isn’t broke then don’t try to fix it”. It has always been like pulling teeth to get him to see his doctor. When I heard that USAScreen was coming to his place of business I was overjoyed. I knew I could talk him into getting a screen since he wouldn’t have to go into a hospital or doctors office. He was hesitant at first, but when he heard that almost all of his colleagues were getting screening, he FINALLY agreed to have it done. His result of the carotid artery screen came back abnormal and he was instructed to see his physician as soon as possible. Apparently there was a build up that we would have never seen if it had not been for USAScreen. Now I always tell my husband, “Things can be wrong even if you don’t feel them!” We get screened regularly now and couldn’t be happier with the service and friendly staff at USAScreen. Thank you!

Melissa, 54. Florida

I was put at ease when I got my screening with USAScreen I was worried that something may be wrong with me since PAD runs in my family. I went into the screening very scared and tense. The staff took time out to explain everything they were doing and made me feel at home. Thankfully my results came out normal and I had nothing to be concerned about. I have already told all of my family and friends about my wonderful experience, and would never get screenings anywhere else.

Janice, 29. New Jersey

USAScreen saved my life. Early detection, and meeting with my doctor has given me more years to enjoy life with my family. Thank you for your dedication to patient care. The service and attention I received from your company is unlike any other medical experience I have ever had.

Jason, 36. Delaware

When it comes time to schedule my preventative screening, I would never choose anyone else. USAScreen really cares about their patients and also provides fast and easy to read results.

Barbara, 76. New Jersey